HI EVERYONE ~WE HAVE MOVED TO i-dokyungsoo.net

Sorry for the long hiatus. We sort of lost the password to this account previously and now we finally got it back!!!! Thank you for always supporting us even though we were always MIA.

Because it took so long to recover the password, we made a new official website.


We will be changing the URL to this account so it doesn’t confuse others with our new one. We are still updating the other one at the moment, but please do subscribe and follow our new website. It will mean a lot to us. Thank you once again!! Free feel to mention us if you have any questions on twitter (@idokyungsoo)



Hello guys!!

Because of all your support and love, we have finally sent all the presents to Korea, which will later be handed to Kyung Soo, by D.O. fans community, DO-FAN.COM!

iDoKyungSoo’s birthday project is basically about gathering letters made by Kyung Soo’s fans from all around the world! So at the final day, we succeed on gathering 120 letters and iDoKyungSoo’s staffs have all worked so hard to fit every letter into a postcard format. The concept of the letter is jumbo postcard ^ ^

Let’s take a peek of how your letter looks like:



*every letters are organized in alphabetical order, except the letters from the fans who have donated to the project, we place them above other letters~




the guide book contains fanarts, iDoKyungSoo’s history, etc ♥



 all your letters are wrapped inside a “drawer box”


Greetings from our lovely participants:

“Thank you so much for giving the fans an opportunity to write a letter to Kyungsoo. ♥”
– Lee Xin EE from Malaysia

“Thanks for putting together everything for Kyungsoo’s birthday! And thanks for all the wonderful tweets about Kyungsoo! =D Your tweets always make me day ^^”
– Wei Ling from Singapore

“THANK YOU and I really hope all these could reach our aDOrable Kyungsoo-oppa. FIGHTING!”
– Glaze Paguntalan from Philippines

“Hi admin, thanks for organizing this event and thanks for the hard work! Hopefully Kyung Soo notices us! :D”
– Elsy from Malaysia

“I hope this birthday project will be a success 🙂 thank you”
– Danica Colleen


D.O. Fans Community (do-fan.com) our angel who helps this birthday project too much! xD thanks thanks thanks a lot for  your kindness, all the replies and your understanding, I hope we won’t be a burden to you ^♥^

Avell DO, who informed us about.. SM? hihihi ♥

Singapore fans, you guys have helped this project a lot by donating and doing the scrapbook ^♥^

Everyone who donated to this project, you don’t know how helpful the donation was T♥T

EXO ITALIA for translating the birthday project! ♥

and to all iDoKyungSoo staffs especially mommy D ♥ ♥ ♥

all the letters have arrived in Korea and they will be wrapped by DO FAN COM ^ ^

RE-OPENED! Donation and The Unspoken Words for iDoKyungSoo’s Birthday Project. Click click!

The Unspoken Words project, Cover Preview:

Fans’ letters PREVIEW:

letter format copy

The budget of producing the letter book rises up because I’m requesting high quality materials for the book ㅠㅠ
So we will open the donation again and we could still accept letter only to this Sunday, December 15th 2013. (Read how to make a letter HERE )
While the Donations will still be accepted until December 20th 2013

The goal is 57.35 USD

(if by the due date there are less than 57.35 USD, we are afraid that the project might be canceled ><)

Your donation will cover the price of the letter book producing, the EMS, and some of the amount will also be handed to DO FAN DOT COM and Like a Star’s Peach Tree project.

>>>> Accepting Donations via

1. Western Union


2. Bank Transfer

Be sure to mail iDoKyungSoo’s staff before donating,

type your full name, country (you recently living in), and your twitter account / IG account Username

to kyungsoobirthday@yahoo.com

You will get a reply from our staff within 24 hours for information about the donation
>>> every dollars count, so we welcome you!


1. Rizky – 2.7 USD (IDR 30.000)
2. Luthfia Dinana – 13.7 USD (IDR 150.000)
3. I Gusti Ayu Made Dwi Mas Istri – 4.1 USD (IDR 50.000)
4. No Name – 24.9 USD (IDR 300.000)
5. Ikmal Safwan – 18 USD (MYR 60)
6. Mei Tika – 4.1 USD (IDR 50.000)

TOTAL ……………………. 67.66 USD

For Questions & Problems, please ask here